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Listen Up Lawyers, specifically if you’re practicing Personal Injury...

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You went to a prestigious university to practice law and help people who are hurt through no fault of their own, right?

Not to become a lawyer and then have to relearn how to:
  • Perfect your marketing skills and get new clients fast
  • Spend time finding healthcare providers to support your case load
  • Communicate your clients case progress in real-time without overloading your phone lines

    Let the LegalStream App take care of all that for you!!

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    Every year, 45,000 new attorneys join the fight for victims; but we all know that attorneys paint only half the picture in a personal injury case.  When medical care is needed for your clients, the process to find a health provider can be long and time consuming...

    Not to mention a complete MESS afterwards obtaining records and bills in a timely and compliant manner!!
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    You want to focus on getting new cases and keeping your current clients happy, NOT the monotony of having to find doctors, chase down their records and track their bills...

    LegalStream provides easy & clear connections to new clients looking to settle their case fast and healthcare professionals ready to service your clients medical needs…

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    Becoming part of the LegalStream family, will cost you up to 70% LESS than you’re currently paying for additional time, software, and resources and provide more access to qualified health professionals across the country who actually understand the personal injury process.

    Use our national network to grow your personal injury law firm.

    Through our virtual networking platform we are opening up more opportunities for attorneys to get their clients connected with qualified health professionals, while keeping their shared documents completely centralized for fast retrieval when they need it.

    Our platform provides real-time case tracking and updates effortlessly in our secure, HIPAA compliant portal, where you’ll access all case documents, track case progress, apply for reductions against case liens, and advertise your business to new, potential clients…

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    As a personal injury attorney, your clients' trust is the most important part of the case progress, and let’s face it…

    Hating Reaction By Girl

    The average American HATES the Average attorney

    Why? Because there’s no transparency

    • They haven’t taken years to study the in’s and out’s of the law that’s currently working against them, you have.
    • Secondly, they don't know what to do, let alone what the very first step is in a personal injury case.
    • When they do finally call an attorney, it costs “too much”; too much to hire one, too much time to understand the process, and too much time to get paid…so they don’t, and they live forever hating attorneys for not helping, nevermind the perpetrators behind their injuries…

    That’s where LegalStream builds a bridge, allowing clients’ to have full, albeit guided autonomy over their personal injury case.

    So, stop trying to play gatekeeper for all of your clients, always playing middle man to retrieve medical reports, or paying white glove service companies to do it for you, just to feel like you’ve been overcharged and under-served.
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    Let LegalStream remove the sluggish, costly downtime between requests and delivery of medical records or bills in your client cases

    So that both you and your clients can have peace of mind knowing their medical records are safely stored on our secure HIPAA compliant portal
    Legal Stream Mobile App
    So that your clients medical records are ready to be deployed to any specialist who can assist with your clients case, with one click of a button.
    So that you can finally stop playing middle man for your clients and get back to settling cases for them

    Find us online directly at

    And remember, your 100% HIPAA compliant, secure portal is accessible from anywhere in the world, so you don’t even have to be in the office to handle your clients' cases!!
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    Dont just take our word for it…

    At LegalStream, we value our customers and partnerships knowing they are the core of our business. We understand that the legal process can be very complicated and time consuming. LegalStream strives to make their lives and the process a bit more streamlined, so they can focus on what is important and we can focus on helping them settle their cases. Hear what our customers are saying about LegalStream.
    Green Quote
    “LegalStream is a fantastic platform! The directory of medical providers who work with personal injury clients has been a major help to my law practice. The networking opportunities and streamlining of our medical documents are also invaluable. I highly recommend LegalStream to other lawyers and healthcare providers practicing in the personal injury space.”

    John Michael Johnson

    Attorney, San Antonio

    Green Quote
    “LegalStream is a great tool to keep optimal
    communication with the attorneys we work with. It is user friendly and helps track all patient information on one single platform. It is amazing how I can reduce my several emails and still have all the information available to everyone including patients, attorneys, and other health providers.”

    Amruta S.

    Healthcare Administrator, Laredo

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    With LegalStream doing all the heavy lifting, why spend time and money hiring additional resources just to manage clients who:


    Constantly call your offices to speak to their case manager and bog down your phone lines

    Man Putting head on table

    Lose important paperwork, or can’t find medical records in a timely manner

    Judge Ordering

    Are reluctant to commit to getting the best settlement for their personal injury case with your firm

    Laptop and Phone on table

     Use google’s “case calculator” and want to TELL YOU what their case is worth…

    Let LegalStream lighten the load and deliver well-qualified health providers who can treat your clients, without you or your firm having to use some clunky, unsecure software to manage it all.

    Sign up at and stop worrying about the next dreadful fire that will have to be put out as usual..
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    Still not convinced?…

    Don't let another 6 months of chaos pass by before you decide to give it a try..

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